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Watch: All you need to know about Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Ramadan is the month of giving, and the little things mean the most!

Here's all what you need to know about it.

What is a Sharing Fridge?

Ramadan Sharing Fridges is a Dubai initiative that gives people in need access to free food and drinks during the month of Ramadan.

Where can I find them?

There are over 190 fridges placed in different areas across the city.

Click here to locate your nearest fridge 

What can I donate?

They don't accept hot/cooked food or leftovers.

You can donate Laban, soft drinks, fruits and vegetables, pot noodles, biscuits etc.

Can I manage my own fridge?

Yes you can! They don't provide fridges though. You can donate your own fridge.

However, they suggest you adopt a fridge rather than opening a new one.what's important is to fill the existing fridges.


JJ and Nimi went down to one of the sharing fridges in Dubai to show it some love. Check it out!

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