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This hotel has a 6×6 super car parked outside!

Written by on 16 July 2018

This car seriously looks like its from the Batman movie! Its called the Devel 60 and it has 6 wheels. I’ts parked outside Gevora Hotel; the tallest hotel in the world. If you haven’t see Gevora yet, its this golden hotel at Sheikh Zayed road! The super ultimate off road machine costs $450,000.   What a beast! […]

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Dubai has the world’s largest Jigsaw Puzzle!

Written by on 9 July 2018

THIS IS SO DUBAI! The city of the world’s largest everything.. Breaking records is now a Dubai thing! In celebration of the Year Of Zayed, a wooden jigsaw of over 12,000 pieces has been created featuring the official logo of the initiative. The Jigsaw spans an area of over 6,000 square metres within the DMCC’s Uptown […]

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Dubai is having a NASA Space Camp!

Written by on 26 June 2018

Dubai is taking summer to the next level. UAE Students.. You can now train like an astronaut! Dubai is launching a NASA Space and Rocketry Summer camp. You’ll get the chance to design your own base on Mars and learn about the mission to the red planet.. HOW COOL IS THAT! The camp will be […]

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4 reasons to be happy staying in the UAE for summer

Written by on 10 June 2018

The Weather We know its not great, but let’s look on the bright side! Since it’s too hot outside, it’s the perfect time to stay in bed and watch Netflix. Save energy.. save money! Less Traffic Schools are off for Summer Break! No more buses and parents dropping their kids. You’ll drive to work in […]

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Shop with 90% off at these UAE Malls!

Written by on 5 June 2018

YAASSS you read that right, 90% off! It’s only for 24 hours thought, so get ready! To mark the first day of Eid, Abu Dhabi is treating shoppers with a 24 hour Mega Sale across 7 malls in the capital. Yas Mall World Trade Centre Al Jimi Mall Dalma Mall Hili Mall Marina Mall Bawadi […]

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Modhesh World is back this summer!

Written by on 30 May 2018

If this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will! We all remember the smiley Modhesh that was in most of our childhood photos in Dubai! If you’re new to the UAE, you’ve probably spotted a yellow mascot or statue somewhere in the city.. THAT’S MODHESH! The name of Modhesh originally came from an […]

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