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Best moments you’ve missed from the Royal Wedding!

Meghan’s Dress! The moment we’ve been all waiting for is seeing the bride’s dress! Meghan rocked a simple dress by Givenchy, & her veil was absolutely breathtaking. Prince Harry and Prince William’s appearance Prince Harry and Prince William entering the royal wedding side by side wearing their uniform, was a moment to remember! Prince Harry…

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This photo of Super Mario will ruin your childhood!

We all remember the famous video game by Nintendo, Super Mario! Someone tweeted a photo of Super Mario with no mustache, no eyebrows and no hair! People didn’t seem to take it so well. If you see it you can’t un-see it! Meet the shaved Super Mario! MY EYES! Here’s some hilarious tweets on twitter!…

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This is how Taylor Swift and Katy Perry became friends again!

The war between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has finally came to an end! It all began when Taylor dated John Mayer in 2010. 2 years later after they broke up, Katy Perry dated him and the fight started. Taylor then stole Katy Perry’s dancers while on tour.. Savage! Also.. Swift’s 2014 single Bad Blood was believed…

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Look: Gordan Ramsay transforms into Mrs. Doubtfire!

Famous TV Chef Gordan Ramsay showed up as Mrs Doubtfire in the new episode of MasterChef Junior! MasterChef Junior is the American cooking competition involving children and teenagers from age of 8-13 and airs on Fox. In case you live under a rock, Mrs. Doubtfire is the character portrayed by The late Robin Williams. This is Robin Williams…

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ALt Text BK

Avengers: Infinity War movie will be released soon. Avengers: Infinity War movie will be showing in UAE cinemas this weekend! Burj Khalifa lit up with a countdown display and it looks epic! You can catch The Avengers countdown with different characters on Burj Khalifa this week at 7:50 pm until Wednesday the 25th of April!…

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